Good Luck to new teams and returning Teams. Season 3 schedule is posted. See everyone Monday May 23, 2016

Welcome to Alamo Hoops Adult Men's League:

To the new teams and the returning teams, thanks for choosing Alamo Hoops.

Here at Alamo Hoops we are aware of other Leagues that are availabe to you in the fine city of San Antonio. We are glad you have chosen to be a part of this fun and competitive league. We will not make any promises we cannot keep but you will be treated fairly and you will have fun.

We play competitive basketball year round. Our season consists of eight games plus the championship games for each division. The league’s goal is to provide a competitive, yet safe season of basketball.

Congratulations to Season 2 Champs for 2016:

Wet Bandits and The Tesoro Team

Pictures at the bottom of the page

Have fun and play hard.

The Rodriguez Family

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Next Season: Season 3 of 2016 - Please call or email Alamo Hoops to reserve a spot. (space is limited) Season starts May 23, 2016


League Scoring Leaders

Position Team Name Player Name  Points

League Scoring Leaders

Position Team Name Player Name Points




Contact Us:

Alex Rodriguez
(956) 793-6168


Season 1 Champs for 2016:

Wet Bandits (8-1)

Airballers (8-1)